Issue with 1.7.3: folder names for mounted volumes

I installed the new version (1.7.3) but things started failing. Pasrticularly, when I decrypt now a vault called “MyVault” the volume name seems to be also “MyVault” but the folder has a strange name (e.g., /Volumes/asda34 instead of /Volumes/MyVault, as I would expect). This kills my workflow.

Is this something changed intentionally with the last Cryptomator’s version? Or is it a bug? Is it possible to keep it like before (i.e., keep the name in the folder structure, like this: /Volumes/MyVault)?

You can just rename your folder from asda34 to MyVault and open the new folder path from Cryptomator. The Vault name and folder path/name are seen differently by Cryptomator.

This is an intentional change, see my comment: Mounting Drive don't keep given Vault Name on Mac · Issue #2739 · cryptomator/cryptomator · GitHub

I rename the volume with “sudo mv /Volumes/ /Volumes/MyCryptomatorVolume”, but this only works while the folder is mounted in Cryptomator. As soon as I lock it and I open it again, the problem re-appears.

What do you mean by “open the new folder path from Cryptomator”? Maybe my problem is there.

As some people indicate in the GitHub’s link provided, I also think that this intentional change may make typical workflows more difficult to adjust. If there is any suggestion to make things work well again in those workflows, while minimizing potential inconvenience, it would be great to know any advice.

Any idea about how to solve this? It is quite annoying, as it requires renaming every time the vault is mounted.

We can share some suggestions if you can tell us where exactly in your workflow you are facing a problem.

if I understand things correctly you just have to avoid to have duplicate vault names.

I will try to explain my workflow here.

I am using FreeFileSync to synchronize files in a vault. However, as every time I unlock the vault in Cryptomator the path has a strange value (as the name of the folder does not match the name of the vault), I have to adjust all the paths in FreeFileSync manually. I tried to follow the advice provided by ready_to_pwn about renaming the folder, but the change is not permanent: if I close the vault and I unlock it again the folder name is again one with no meaning, like asda34.

This problem didn’t appear in previous versions of Cryptomator, as the folder name and the vault name were always the same.

We had to change the mount path to be unique in order to prevent bugs when vaults had the same name. If you want a fixed. never changing path, set up a custom mount path in the vault options.