Issue when Upgrading to Cryptomator 2

I am running iOS 15.6 on both my iPad and iPhone. Same iCloud ID for both devices. Yesterday, starting with my iPad, I upgraded to Cryptomator 2.41 from Cryptomator 1.63. I utilized the free upgrade option and set the proper location within the Files app. The new app recognized my existing vault on iCloud Drive, which I can access with no problem. I then upgraded to 2.41 on my iPhone. No apparent problems, except one.

When I looked under Settings on my iPad, there were icons for both the old Cryptomator 1 app as well as the new Cryptomator 2 app. When I looked under purchase history, it showed a Cryptomator 2 purchase date of 7/21/22 and a separate Cryptomator 2 free upgrade in-app purchase. The latter is listed as “pending.” The same purchase history info is viewable on my iPhone, but the icon listing for Cryptomator 2 is absent under Settings. This seemed odd, but since everything else was working OK on both devices, I proceeded to delete Cryptomator 1 on both devices.

My questions are: 1) Why is there an icon listing for Cryptomator 2 under Settings on my iPad, but not on my iPhone? and 2) when will my free upgrade “purchase” stop being shown as pending?

BTW: I know that the new Cryptomator 2 app listing under Settings does not actually say “Cryptomator 2”, (it just says Cryptomator) but its presence is evident from the new icon that is displayed. My issue relates to the absence of such a listing for the new app on my iPhone, even though the app is installed and running.

Just yesterday, I noticed that the Cryptomator 2 icon was now present on my iPhone’s list of apps under Settings….just as it already had been on my IPad. What’s more, the free upgrade shown in my purchase history was no longer listed as “ pending.” So, my issue has been fully resolved. The lesson is that the situation was only temporary and it only took a few days for things to get sorted out.

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