Issue after using recovery key to create new password: Vault is empty!

Hi all,

I am using version 1.5.2 of the desktop app and just tried out the recovery key option on a test vault. I generated a recovery key right when I created the vault. I then opened the vault and created a test text file in it. I then closed the vault and used the recovery key to create a new password (i.e. simulating that I forgot my old password). Two issues then emerged that I wanted to flag:

  1. In contrast to what is stated in the official documentation (, a new recovery phrase was actually generated after creating a new password. According to the documentation, the recovery key should have remained the same. This is not an issue per se, of course, but I’m just mentioning it here because it might be connected to the second issue below.

  2. Once I revealed the test vault again with the new password, the contents of my vault did not appear. Worse yet: After removing the vault and readding it with the masterkey, which is stored on my hard drive (so no cloud issue here), the new empty version of the vault is still shown, not the old one!

I’d be grateful for clarifications/fixes.

Thank you!

Thanks for the report. We’ve been able to reproduce this.

The original recovery key is still valid. It should in fact not change after restoring. This is a problem in the “restore” function, which can be fixed. You should then be able to actually recover it. :wink:

Do you still have your test vault as well as the original key?

Fixed the issue. As assumed, the original recovery key remains valid and is capable of recovering the data.

Fix is scheduled for the next release.

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Wow, that was quick. Thank you very much for this fix, and for your excellent work on Cryptomator in general!


I didn’t find the issue or PR or commit, could you please point/link?

Was fixed with 1.5.3

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