Is there any limit to how many files can be uploaded simultaneously in the iOS app?

It seems that one can upload maximum 10 photos at a time in iOS. If you select more than 10 photos, the app stops at 10 and the rest of the files are ignored.

Can developers confirm?

I just tried to reproduce that, but cant. I uploaded 30 and 50 images and videos as a batch without any issues.
Never heard of a limitation as well.

It’s strange. It stops exactly at 10. This is iOS with Dropbox.

I try to test it on iCloud and google drive.

Another problem that I have is that if a file already exists the whole process is stopped with an error, instead of moving on to next files.

I tested it with OneDrive and WebDAV.
The naming issue depends on the way you start the upload.

  1. iOS Share
    Open camera roll -> select items -> share -> save in Cryptomator.
    Then the filesnames will not be modified with a number of there are dublicates and there will be a message if there are multiple files with the same name in the batch. In my case the upload is not available as long as not every Filemaker is unique and you have to search for affected files and rename them manually.
    (Yes, this should be improved for better usability.)

  2. Cryptomator upload
    Open Cryptomator -> Open vault -> Click file upload -> Click photo -> select photos/videos -> upload
    Then all files names will be added with a number of they are not unique.