Is there a cleanup tool for the vault?

I deleted many files from the vault, however the size of the vault does not approximately match the size of the files - difference is sometimes in the GB range, so means e.g. 100MB file size to 1.5GB vault size. Is there a cleanup tool for the vault? Can’t find anything on the fly.

No there is not (at them moment. Health checks will be implemented with 1.6 afaik)

But there should be no such difference.
There is a difference, but is is very small

So the question is why your vault size does not decrease at least similar to the size of the file you deleted.
Where do you measure the size? Offline or online?


This is the Question.
I investigated 3 different environments and found that vault sizes differ noticeably.
At some point in the past, deleting files from the vault must not have been reliably synchronized.
Just by the date you can see that well.
In the example in MagentaCloud on 05 Jun. 2020 and 12 Mar. 2018 and following; there are about 280MB, which are also shown locally as 280MB, but are not shown in the open vault; in the open vault there are about 3KB!

I think it is necessary to enable the diagnostic log and then examine the files in C:\Users\SN\AppData\Roaming\Cryptomator.

Nicer would be of course a “health” check, which should be triggered manually with choices, automatic is always dangerous.

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