Is it possible to use the Android app on GrapheneOS?

I’ve got the desktop app and I’ve donated. I would love to use the Android app as well and don’t mind paying at all. However, I wonder if the app will work if I start it on my GrapheneOS phone. I don’t want to pay for the app just to find out it’s not working. Is the app dependent on the Google Play Services in such a way it renders it unusable on a non-Google Android OS?

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Only the implementation for accessing Google Drive depends on the Google Play Services, everything else you can use without any limitations.

I myself also use GrapheneOS without Play Services :wink:.

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:pray: Thanks a lot for getting back to me. Wonderful news. :+1: Then I assume I can buy the app on normal Android and move it over to my GrapheneOS phone. :smiley:

You can also buy a license using our website:
This apk-version is shipped with an updater included…


Thanks again. That’s a much better option.

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Nope, the license key sent by email is not accepted by the Android app on GrapheneOS. Even if you copy the entire key into an ASCII editor, and then copy the entire line with the key and paste it into the app. It does not work.

At the bottom of the email is an application link cryptomator://<key> But, if your email client doesn’t display links, you can’t see it. Even if I tell my client to present the entire email with all security settings off (FairEmail really warns me), it isn’t displayed clickable.

If you copy this part of the email into Nextcloud, and you edit the text as a link, it isn’t clickable.

If you copy cryptomator://<key> into the default web browser, it won’t open it as a link. I guess that is regarding security concerns.

So, I wasn’t able to get Cryptomator working on GrapheneOS.

BTW, I was able to use exactly this key on Android. But even on Android, it wasn’t working to just copy it. Only by clicking this application link that is not available on GrapheneOS.

Finally, I got it working. I pasted a few time the same content of the clipboard into this little, tiny text field for the big key. Then, I went and deleted all characters, and did paste the same content again (no, I haven’t copied it into the clipboard again). After five times, or so, it went through.

There have not been any characters in the text field after opening the app the first time. And deleting the app’s cache. I pasted exactly the same content, again, selecting all, delete, paste, check, no, selecting all, delete, paste, check, no, … after something like five times the app accepted the key.

Hey and welcome to the community :smiley:!

Hmm that sounds strange.
I just checked using my phone with GrapheneOS the following:

  1. Copying the content of the mail between “This is your license key:” and “Enter this key in the Cryptomator app”
  2. Copying the link starting with cryptomator://license/XXXXX into my Browser (Firefox)

Both variants resulted in an accepted license (also using your key if you wrote lately a mail to us).

Could you write us an email (so that your key will not become public here) and tell us exactly what you copied?

I had no issues getting the app working on GrapheneOS. I simply just copied the licence key from the email and pasted it in the app. Worked on first try.

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Hmm, just removed the cache of the app, and did this copy and paste process again. And, it worked out immediately.

Probably it depends on the version of the app. It runs a newer minor version now. So, yes, I can agree, there should not be an issue anymore.

Regarding app links on Android. Yes, I know, Firefox is accepting them. But, not Vanadium, the default browser on GrapheneOS. Vanadium should be a more secure version of Chromium. Also, you can switch off following app links. And, it depends on your email app, and the settings. I run FairEmail, taking care much of security settings.

But, yes, no more issues with Cryptomator. BTW, I use this app for a longer time. Not sure, probably more than one year. Before that, I have been running encfs (fuse mount) together with rsync. Cryptomator is more comfortable, so, thank you for this app!

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Hi, I have purchased Cryptomator on iOS - can I also use it on GrapheneOS or a an additional license is required?


The license for iOS and Android is different.
You have to buy the apk (android licence) to use it with GraphineOS. You can not use the iOS license.