Is it possible to have Cryptomator for Android with Onedrive files working offline?

Hi, I have a very small vault (only 300kB) via Cryptomator for Android on OneDrive.
Currently I cannot access it when I am offline :

Is it really not possible to access your vault when offline with Cryptomator for Android?

You need to use a separate sync app to sync your vault from OneDrive to a local folder on your Android device.

For Example: I have a vault on Onedrive, I use the sync app OneSync (there are others like FolderSync), to sync this OneDrive vault to a local folder on my Android device. I can then use Cryptomator on Android to open the local Android vault while offline.

In contrast to the Desktop app, Cryptomator for Android directly communicates with the cloud storage provider. Therefore, to gain offline access for a vault, you need to create a local vault and synchronize it with a different app. (like @maccra suggested)

See also Does the mobile apps differ in functionality from the desktop applications?

Thank you @maccra & @infeo I have used FolderSync app, an equivalent of OneSync, to sync my Cryptomator encrypted files to my internal storage and I have configured Cryptomator to open these local files. It works offline now :star_struck: