Is it possible to download a vault through web browser?

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I am considering transfer a large amount of data to some cloud storage. It seems that Cryptomator is an excellent tool to keep my file safe. My primary aim is to backup, not syncing, will move local file to cold storage or even deleting them to free laptop disk space. honesty, I have confronted variety of problems caused by unreliable service such as software incompatibility, freezing, low download speed, etc. So, I am concerned if I could really get my data back several years later. If their desktop client stops working, there is little chance to grab my data back. As a last resort, I think we could download all the data through browser. Most storage provider give the option to download a folder as a zip file. Maybe such a method is the last only way for a soon-shutdown- storage-provider to show to us. My question is, can Cryptomator mount from a folder which decompressed from a zip file?
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A Cryptomator vault is nothing more than a bunch of encrypted files and folders.
So yes, if you download the complete vault, you can of course add this existing vault to your Cryptomator desktop.

Ps: if you are planning to use this as cold storage, maybe this might interest you: