Is empty folder important or not. (rclone)

hi, i rclone a vault from google1 to google2.

but rclone s theory is dont copy empty folder.

can i simply ask,

without those empty folders,

is the vault still ok?


can somebody please help?

because I did tried myself.

but when I made a new empty vault,
then copy many files into it.

NOT EVERY TIME there will be empty folders that are like “2J, 4G” etc.

So I cant easily reproduce it and test myself.

help is really appreciated.

Thank you.

Tried to read manual at

In that example, all folders are with contents.

I dont know why my vault have many (30+) folders of “AZ” “4G” etc and they are
completely empty.

As I said rclone wont copy these empty folders (they know it’s a bug but
not yet corrected in the latest release).

So whether these empty folders are imporant or not is vital to me.


ps: those 2letter empty folders are in the “d” subfolder, thanks

just found that indeed those 2 letter folders are not empty.

indeed is


however, both folder “FD” and folder “EABXFO7Y7455JK5QT2CT6AEQ6FQ4V” are of 0 byte.

from common sense, I think both folder “FD” and folder “EABXFO7Y7455JK5QT2CT6AEQ6FQ4V” are of importance.

which mean, currently if u use rclone to copy cryptomator vault from 1 cloud drive to another cloud drive,
it will lose A LOT of these 0 byte folders.

I dont know the exact use of these folders, but I do sure they are important after read the above security implementation.

Thanks anyway.

my solution is to copy a placeholder file into every folder of the vault.

pls see:

You can do this using the for command with the /r switch, which is used to enumerate a directory tree. For example, this will copy the C:\a.jpg file to the C:\Test folder and all of its subfolders:

for /r “C:\Test” %%f in (.) do (
copy “C:\a.jpg” “%%~ff” > nul
The for /r “C:\Test” %%f in (.) statement enumerates the C:\Test folder and all its subfolders and %%~ff returns the current folder name.

this little tool : remove empty directories may help locate empty folders.

so make sure all empty folders are filled with placeholder before rclone.