Is cryptomator's desktop app robust enough to deploy now? I've been /w ctmt for 4years already

since around 2018 I begin use google drive for backup.
ctmt is still naive that time so I chose another competitor’s product.

now it’s 4years now, i got a second unlimited googe drive to backup the

I understand google like to arms race with developers on android’s
file sysem, so I will skip that.

But is the ctmt’s desktop version now robust enough for daily use?
In 2018 it’s use of webav limited files of 4GB large is a joke.

I know now ctmt can use FUSE/donkay now.

But could someone honestly tell me,
can I trust ctmt for backup to google drive now?


I’ve been using it for months now on RHEL, Fedora and some Ubuntu derivatives using NextCloud as the primary location of the vault, All have been using the NextCloud client to sync the bits and never had an issue at all. I’m doing the same on my wife’s Windows 10 laptop but she rarely uses it so that’s not much of a test. I access same vault from Android and iOS. All working well.

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