Is buying a license key always more expensive than a Play Store version?

I’m a student who’s interested in Cryptomator. But I found for Android, buying a license key costs me $16.24 while buying from Play Store costs me only $12.99. I think $12.99 is affordable and reasonable for me since the desktop version is almost free, but I can’t buy a license key at this price. Are there any mistakes on the dealing system?

The reason is the following: We’re not dealing with tax ourselves but are relying on merchant of records that make sure that all digital sales are properly taxed.

We are a German company and our baseline is the pricing in Germany.

  • In Google Play, we’re forced to set a price without tax, which is €12.90, and therefore €14.99 with 19% tax.
  • In Paddle, we’d like to show gross prices (because that’s what everyone is used to) and we’ve set it to €14.99 including tax.

We then just let Google Play and Paddle deal with currency conversion and let them handle the sales (including taxation) in all the different countries.

In Germany, both services charge €14.99 for the Android license key. I’m looking into the discrepancies in other currencies between Google Play and Paddle right now but I would’ve hoped that the automatic conversions are similar. Maybe I’ve misunderstood how the conversions are calculated.

Out of curiosity, what country are you from?

Thanks for replying! I’m from China, and since our country has banned all things from Google, I’m using a proxy settled in the US to connect to Google so I see the price in US$. Because all the stuffs’ price here contains tax so I didn’t notice it might be related to tax. :joy: