Is a trial period possible with Android app?

Is it possible to have a trial period with the Android app? I note that Google Play Store’s policy seems to suggest that refunds have to be requested within 48 hours of purchase which is not much time to evaluate the app. I definitely will need the Android app and want to ensure it works before I order it.

Send me a short message when this time has elapsed and I will initiate a refund if the app does not meet your requirements.

Thank you for your kind offer. I first need to fully understand how the desktop works. When I have, I will (if I decide I need it) purchase the Android version to evaluate and will let you know how it goes.

Just to let you know that I purchased the Android app and it seems to work as expected. I’ll experiment with it over the coming days and let you know if there is a problem

I’ve had Cryptomator for over a month and it has been an excellent replacement for my previous crypto app. Once you learn the correct way to set things up it is very easy to learn and has several options to let you unlock vaults easily or really easily!

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