IPhone/iCloud Drive sync problem

Hello everyone.

I can’t sync my iPhone to an existing, large cryptomator folder in iCloud Drive, which is shared and functional between a MacBook and a PC.

So I subscribe Cryptomator iPhone on the iCloud directory that contains this vault.cryptomator, I wait a while and when I open CryptoMator App to show me the decrypted files in the Files app (iPhone), I get a message saying “content unavailable… due to an unknown error”.

So, I recreated a very small vault on the PC. And I had the same problem! Not a matter of size or need to wait.

Then in the encrypted vault in the iPhone Files app I opened each directory: d/ , d/AA, d/2B, etc… so that each file would be retrieved from iCloud and stored locally in iPhone Files.
And that’s how it works!
This proves that opening an existing vault created elsewhere than on the iPhone only works if all directories and subdirectories are loaded locally. But with hundreds of directories, this is impossible and inhuman.

Do you have a solution?

I came here to report the same problem. I can see the encyrypted files but if I open it through cryptomator I get that error you mention.

And guess what - on the iPad of my wife it works perfectly ( it‘s the family folder of iCloud ).


I found that it is possible to force download of all files.

Download iCloud photos and videos - Apple Support.

I got my refund from apple today.

If iOS/Android-Apps are the only income for Cryptomator it is completely unbelievable to not take such issues serious.

I came from boxcryptor which worked and works flawlessly - so giving money for such a buggy app is nothing I can judge to myself.