IOS13 Beta stuck after touch-ID/password prompt

Current version of Cryptomator does not work on iPadOS iOS13 Beta 1 on iPad Pro 10.5. Hopefully the developer is aware and working on a fix in time for the iOS13 final/public release in the fall.

After using Touch-ID or password, the app just gets stuck with spinning circle.

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Same issue here on iPhone X’s max and iPad mini 4.

Also to note, not working on Mac OS Catalina due to incompatibility issues with Fuse for Mac OS.

We’ll look into it. However, a lot of times in the past, Apple fixed the beta bugs in iOS themselves. We’ll make sure that Cryptomator will work with the final version of iOS 13.

Same access issue with mine. iPhone Max S and iPad Pro running iOS 13 Beta 3.

Luckily I haven’t beta tested with MacOS Only place I can now access my Vault!

Worth mentioning that adding a vault stored on iCloud Drive is also not working on iOS 13 Beta (any of them). It gets stuck after selecting iCloud Drive and does not show any directory/file structure, instead it’s just the spinning wheel.

I was also disappointed not to find the app open sourced, otherwise I’d have loved to fix it myself and push a PR on github.

Update: iOS 13 beta 6 seems to have fixed the issue. Cryptomator is working as designed after installing today’s beta update.