iOS Numbers and Pages turned into folders

I decided to copy my encrypted Vault 1 from iCloud Drive to an external hard drive (formatted AFPS). I created a new Cryptomator Vault 2 in iCloud Drive. Then I opened Vault 1 on that HD and copied it into Vault 2. Now when I am looking at the files all of my pages and numbers documents (Apple format) show up as folders. Did I screw something up?

No, your documents shouldn’t be screwed up but that’s probably the explanation:

Hi, I found this topic since I was facing a similar problem. I had some Pixelmator Pro Project (400 - 600MB each) files on my internal storage. Now I wanted to throw them into a Vault inside the cloud and free up the space after upload but I could find the encrypted file. Same thing here the file was a package so it ended up being several encrypted files.

But there was a bigger problem after copying the file into the vault and finishing the upload the file was not functional. It always threw an error the file is damaged.

I had to lock and unlock the vault to get it working.
I could also open the file from my disk and save it directly into the Vault. That procedure created a single file not a package.

This brings up the question: Has Cryptomator a general problem with package files? Is there a increased risk of data loss?

I run 1.71 with Fuse-T also checked with macFuse same behavior.