iOS - MacOS Vault Synch?


Just started using Cryptomator on my MacBook and iOS, I created a Vault on my MacBook and In iCloud and am not able to see it via the iOS app and vice versa. This is really frustrating as there are times I would save files to my vault on Mac but would also need to save to same vault on my iOS device. Should this work? Can I access the same vault from my iOS and MacOS Cryptomator apps? If so how?

Yes, this is possible.
The easiest way is:

  1. Create a vault with the iPhone App
  2. Then a new folder “Cryptomator” is created with a sub folder of your new vault and a pdf with further instructions.

Every vault you create in the folder “Cryptomator” can be accessed via iPhone etc and all other devices that can connect to your iCloud.

Hmmm what if I created a vault in MacOS first?

Also, does the Cryptomator folder have to be in the initial iCloud directory and not an extra folder/directory deep.

I noticed that I put my first Vault in a folder called Personal on my iCloud Drive. And my iOS “Vault Finder” is not detecting it.

As long as the vault is stored in a folder called „Cryptomator“ on root, it’s the same thing.

It has to be in root (initial), so: yes

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Sorry for delay, but thanks, with your advice I got it to work between my Mac and iOS devices. Thanks. Overall great function and glad to have it.

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Hi people I suffer kinda same problem since installing Cryptomator 1.4.0 and Fuse for Mac.
Until that I used the same Cryptomator safe on iPhone and Mac as intended, simultaneously.

After the mentioned upgrade to 1.4.0 and Fuse, I can see the same looking safe on each device, but what I store on the iPhone is not displayed in the Mac app and vice versa.

I read the hint regarding the root folder, but until and after the upgrade, I changed no settings.

May someone help me out with that issue?