iOS local storage and Files app integration

Hi, I am thinking of a possibility to introduce Files app integration and local storage support in the iOS version of Cryptomator. I understand that there are lots of restrictions in iOS that prevent the degree of integration found in Android. But as a user (I am no developer, so this is just based on my experience of using “i-Devices”), I think the following can be done:

  • Create a Cryptomator app folder which can be accessed through the Files app
  • Users can copy their vaults from their USB drive (now supported by iPad Pro) or cloud folder to the Cryptomator app folder through the Files apps.
  • Then, return to the Cryptomator app (which should have full access to its own app-specific folder) to decrypt and access contents of the vault.
  • In other words, the Files app would only “see” the encrypted files and handle file transfer to/from other storage media, and only with the Cryptomator app would “see” the decrypted contents.

In this way, there is at least some integrations with the Files apps and allow users to fully utilize the local storage of the i-Device. Of-course, this is far from perfect but I think it would be an acceptable “upgrade” from the current app.

It would be great if my idea can help the development of the app. Thanks:)

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