iOS in app purchase

I could see that in Cryptomator Beta 2.0.0 (692) there was an in app purchase option.

Why is that? The application must be already purchased on the Apple Store to be used.

Also, does it mean for those who already bought the application they will have to pay again?

To me it looks like there’s Option added to run the app in read only mode before actually buying the full version via inapp purchase. That would mean that the version 2.0 published for free (with limitations)

No, the team already stated that the new app will be free to all who already bought the old app. And you will also notice a Button to restore payments, and a button to upgrade from 1.x to 2.0 for free, and a button for a 30 day trial period.

Michael is correct and for clarification:

The new iOS app is a different and separate app. It’s going to be free and will offer read-only access to your vaults. If you’d like to have write access to your vaults, you can unlock the full version via in-app purchases.

Users who bought the old iOS app will be eligible for a free upgrade. For that to work, you have to download/update the old app. After that, the new app should be able to detect the existence of the old app and will offer you the upgrade option in the purchase screen.

Thanks it gives better clarification.

However this last part brings some confusion.

Personally I bought the old app but I am testing the new one and already bugs on Github. Then, the old app isn’t present anymore on my iPhone.

So if I understood you well I should stop testing the new app and download again the old one for a free upgrade. Otherwise when the new one will be on the store, the old couldn’t be downloaded anymore and the upgrade won’t be possible. Correct?

No, you don’t have to stop testing the new app. You can have both apps installed simultaneously because they are different/separate apps. Download the old app from the App Store if you haven’t installed it anymore.

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I was confused because normally when you download a beta version from TestFlight, it replaces the app already installed.

Applications downloaded on both devices (iPhone & iPad) and left blank - no setup - to avoid issue with the beta one.

Thanks for the help.