iOS Files integration

There’s a brief mention of iOS 11 Files integration on Github, but I’m curious if you have any more information to share now that iOS 11 is out. If I understand the new API correctly, this would mean we can finally use encrypted file storage natively in all apps instead of jumping through hoops with iOS share-sheets to get files in and out of Cryptomator.

You probably meant this issue?

Nevertheless, the official statement is: It’s absolutely in our interest to integrate Cryptomator into the Files app.

Unfortunately, I don’t have more information to share.

Thanks; I actually did mean issue #558 (@overheadhunter mentions Files integration). Admittedly, I haven’t done more than briefly skim the iOS 11 documentation on the subject, but as I understand it, issue #98 could be fixed without taking advantage of iOS’s new Document Provider features.

For example, Dropbox has been updated so that you can browse its files natively within the Files app – Dropbox works as if it’s just a folder within Files and all of the Files tools are available when browsing the Dropbox folder.

On the other hand, Resilio Sync has not been updated. It still works in Files, but instead of the native Files UI, you just get the Resilio Sync app’s UI as a popover on top of the Files app.

For anyone who’s interested, there’s a technical description of the differences between Document Providers in iOS 8-10 vs. iOS 11 here.

Oh yeah, I guess I was blind. :nerd: Thanks for the elaboration. To be completely transparent, we currently don’t even have a FileProvider implemented, just a DocumentPicker app extension. With that, we can only support the modes “import” and “export”. That’s why the modes “open” and “move” are currently missing.

Thank you for the last link, haven’t seen that before. It gives a very good overview of the current state.

Appreciate the extra explanation – looking forward to hearing more about iOS features in the future.

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Hello guys, are there any new information about the iOS integration? For me I use EagleFiler on my Mac to store all of my bills etc. My EagleFiler Database is on my Dropbox atm but I would like to have all of this data stored securely encrypted via Cryptomator.

On my mac this works cause the vault is automated encrypted at the system start but I can’t use the standard iOS file app cause there is no standard encryption via Cryptomator. So I need to use the Cryptomator app right?

We are working on it currently. But right now we are not even halfway there, so be patient. :slightly_smiling_face:


Godspeed - we desperately need it :wink:

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I know this has been discussed before and I also saw the milestone added on github for version 1.5. I just wanted to check if there is any ETA and how the integration will work? For me the Files integration is what‘s keeping from using Cryptomator.

Also, I think the way Secure ShellFish is working on iOS might be a good solution for Cryptomator: The app itself is just for configuration and all files are accessed through the files app (the app would be encrypting in the background). I‘m not certain that would technically be possible, but just wanted to put it out there.


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What the hell: more than a year on the agenda and nothing has changed on a feature that would make Cryptomator useful on iOS. Without this it is totally useless. It makes me start to think that this feature is too dangerous to support because it would put Cryptomator out of control of the intel community. It works with Boxcryptor but who trusts Boxcryptor?

Can you elaborate on this?

It’s taking forever for iOS integration.