[iOS][ETA] Any time frame on the launch of new iOS open source app?

When can we expect the new iOS open source app?

I just wasted USD 10 for an app that is missing so many basic features.
I do not think there is any development going on.

Thumbnail Support
Swipe through files/photos
Select multiple files to delete/copy/move
Grid view (currently only has list view)
Search (now is useless)

and many more, see here.

We don’t have an exact date yet but we’re aiming for this year!

Please check out our blog post: https://cryptomator.org/blog/2021/06/30/ios-2.0-beta/

Thanks, looks much better. I hope I do not have to pay again after I just paid for the current one.

The upgrade to the Cryptomator for iOS 2.0 app will be free for existing iOS users.

Ahhh, what a relief!