Ios: Can't move vaults, "vault.cryptomator colud not be found"

I’m currently switching storage from Google Drive to Cloudflare R2 Object Storage (S3). The issue I have is when I try to open a vault on Ios with the new storage, I get this message:

“vault.cryptomator could not be found”

I get this message when I press “Add this vault” button in the “Open existing vault” dialog.

What I have troubleshooted so far:

  • Checked if vault.cryptomator-file and other files was fully synced and present (checked in R2 bucket online file browser).
  • Open and re-added the vaults from Google Drive on both Ios and MacOS. Works without any issues.
  • Create a new test vault on Ios and synced to R2, works fine (verified by opened it in MacOS).
  • Remove and re-add the test vault from R2 on Ios (not deleting files), works fine.
  • Copied the new vault to Google drive and opened it in Ios and MacOS, works fine.
  • Have done “Health check”, all green.

I moved everything from Google Drive to R2 by using Rsync command in Macos.

Have I missed something or this some kind of weird bug?

After some additional testing, I think the issues are related to the Cloudflare R2 Object Storage somehow not working properly with the Cryptomator Ios app. When I use copy the files to a Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage bucket, everything seems to be working fine. Vaults that are larger than my test vault, empty vault with a couple of folders, will probably not function correctly with R2.

I’m not sure why R2 isn’t working, but my workaround for now is it use Backblaze B2 or another provider instead of R2 (unless it can be solved in the near feature).