IOS Application Not Working

I’ve been using CM with Google Drive between my Linux and Windows machines with no problems for about a year now.

In Dec 2018, I purchased the IOS app and set it up.

The problem is, not all the files show up on my iPhone.

For example, I have a folder called Pictures. There are 9 pictures and I see them on both my Windows and Linux machines, but on my iPhone, the Pictures folder is empty. I removed and re-connected the vault - same result. I uploaded a picture from my iPhone to the Pictures folder and it shows up on both desktop machines, but that is the only file that shows on my iPhone.

I have no idea what else is missing on my iPhone.

Any suggestions on what do I do to fix this?


that sounds quite unusual. At first I would say something with your sync is going wrong, but if you do not have issues between the desktops, this is rather not the answer.

Where exactly is you vault located in Google Drive?
I think i remember that there used to be problems with the iOS app if the vault is being stored under “my Computer” (instead of “Google Drive” in the sync client) on the desktop machines. But this is quite a while ago that this was reported.