IOS App, Upload not working

Hi there,
I started using Cryptomator again (after a while) on my iPad Pro with iOS 10.
I created a new vault and uploaded a Numbers file which was stored in my iCloud without problems. However, any file I tried to add afterwards (Numbers or Pages) doesn’t upload normally but results in a new folder (named “filename”.pages or “filename”.numbers) within my vault and in that folder two folders (named Data and Metadata), one Index file and three preview jpgs. Of course, there’s nothing I can do with these files.
What am I doing wrong??

It’s true that iWork files (Pages, Numbers, Keynote) can be either bundles (“special folders”) or pure files. I don’t quite remember in which cases the files are saved in what form. At some point, we had plans to implement something that could solve this issue:

However, I’m not fully convinced if that is really a proper solution. Unfortunately, I’m not able to reproduce this issue anymore even though I would’ve liked to see how Dropbox, Google Drive, and other apps are solving this issue. Maybe they don’t.

Just to be sure: Did you add these files via macOS? If yes, this is how you should be able to solve the issue:

  1. Open the iWork files, that are affected, inside the virtual drive on macOS.
  2. Now save the file without changes (CMD + S).

After that, the file should be saved as a file and not a folder anymore. If you’re still having issues and maybe even know how to reproduce the issue from scratch, please let me know!

Hi Tobi,
Sorry for the late reply. Been working a lot lately and didn’t get to it.

I stored those files from my iPad under iOS.
I’ll take a look again at your linked information, but when I first looked I didn’t see anything I thought could help me.
What I really need is a way to store those files in Cryptomator from my iPad, as I’ve decided to switch from MacBook to iPad completely.
So any further helpful tips are highly appreciated.



OK, tried all I could now. There’s no way I can upload numbers files or pages files from my iPad to my Cryptomator vault in my icloud, without getting a bunch of unusable folders and jpg files.
That makes Cryptomator absolutely useless for someone using Apple products when he’s not using a laptop or desktop computer. Bit sad, especially since Cryptomator is promoted as excellent for Apple users.
Does anyone have any good ideas?
Please note, ONLY an iPad (pro), NO lap- or desktop, and either iCloud or Onedrive.

Meanwhile, I’ll be looking for another way of encrypting my iCloud files.



Couldn’t help but keep trying, and I think I found something!
Dug a little into these bundle files from Apple and found that not all versions of numbers, pages or keynote work with them, and that there are ways of storing files as single files rather than bundles.
I now tried opening a few numbers files stored in my iCloud, and then saving copies of them in the cloud. I didn’t really see any options for saving them as single file or bundle, but apparently because it’s all done from my iPad, the saved copy is saved as a single file. And uploading that saved copy to my vault in Cryptomator works!

It’s going to be quite a bit of work opening all my numbers, pages and keynotes files on my iPad and then saving copies of them before I put them in a Cryptomator vault, but I’m really happy i can keep using Cryptomator. :slight_smile:

I was under the assumption that the iWork files you had that were bundles originated from macOS. That’s why I suggested the workaround for macOS. I’m glad you found a similar workaround for iPad! :+1: Sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused.