iOS app not opening masterkey file


I recently purchaced the iOS version of the app, as I have been using the windows version for a while, however when I try to open the masterkey file in Google Drive and put in my password, it says that the “vault could not be found” which is strange as both the masterkey file and the actual encrypted files are definitely in my Google Drive folder, so is there something I am missing with regards to how to access the vault?

Thanks so much for any help, and thanks to the team for creating such a useful program.

Did you rename/move the vault? Try to delete and re-add the vault in the iOS app. No worries, nothing will be deleted, it’s just managing the vaults list.

Thanks, I tried to open it again but now the key file is not showing under the list of files in the Google Drive, as it is located inside the encrypted container.

The encrypted container itself is not showing, so there is nothing to select, as the encrypted container is not showing up.

Is there a way to get the app to show the folder so I can access the master key file?

Thanks so much for your help :slight_smile:

I don’t quite understand your setup. If the masterkey file is inside the encrypted vault, how can you unlock it with Windows? That shouldn’t be possible because a masterkey file is mandatory for unlocking. Or are you trying to add a vault inside a vault? That’s not possible with the iOS app.

Sorry, I don’t think I explained it very well. The master key file is located in the folder along with the “d” and “m” folders, but for some reason the folder that has these three components is not showing up in the google drive list of folders, although according to the actual google drive app, they are synced in the drive.

To be more specific, the folder is located under the “computers” tab on the side in google drive, but for some reason it isn’t showing as a folder in the IOS app, and even when I add the folder to the “my drive” part of the drive, the IOS app says that the folder does not exist

I can recreate this behavior, and I think this is an issue with the new “backup & sync” function of gdrive. You should not use the “computer” storage for your vault. If you choose “add to my drive” you just create a link. That does not solve this issue.
Please make a local copy of your vault on your computer and place it within the local gdrive folder and let it sync with gdrive again. Then the vault should not be located in “Computer” anymore and should be accessible.

I do not use the computer backup function for syncing drive vaults and it works like a charm. Just be sure to sync your files the “normal” way so they are located in “my drive” or any other folder (but not the “computer” storage)

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