iOS App crashes when saving image

With the current build of Cryptomator (1.3.0 528) I can’t save images to my photoroll. The app crashes immediately. I can save to the iOS files app but not direct into photoroll. Latest iOS (1.3.0) on iPhone 7

Im using the same iOS App and cannot reproduce it.
(iPhone 7 plus and OneDrive)
Question: did you use a desktop app to encrypt the photos? If yes, which version?
Which storage provider do you use?

I’ve used the desktop version (1.3.2 ) to encrypt the image.

The storage is iCloud Drive (in Cryptomator folder).

I’ve tried also to soft reset the iPhone, de-install Cryptomator, install again and still have the same issue.

I’ve tried with both .png and .jpg.

Currently I save images to the files app first as a workaround.

Can you try desktop version 1.3.3 or newer?
I use 1.3.3

Will do tomorrow and let you know. Thanks so far!!

Ok. I tested it also with iCloud. Same result. No problems.

You can find the crash log by following the guide “Getting Crash Logs Directly From a Device Without Xcode” at:

  • Open Settings app
  • Go to Privacy, then Diagnostics & Usage
  • Select Diagnostics & Usage Data
  • Locate the log for Cryptomator. The logs will be named in the format: Cryptomator_<DateTime>_<DeviceName>
  • Select the desired log. Then, using the text selection UI select the entire text of the log. Once the text is selected, tap Copy
  • Paste the copied text to Mail and send to

It seems I’m using the latest macOS version already (1.3.2). There is no download for 1.3.4 available on macOS.

However, just downloaded the desktop version again, uploaded a png image into a desktop-created folder, opened the image on iOS and the app crashes when saving to camera roll.

I’ve sent a log file to support this morning.

Thank you for the crash report, it helped us identifying the issue. Saving to the photo library requires something new from us since iOS 11. We’ll fix it in the next version and release it as soon as possible.

Even I was facing this problem but it was intermittent. After a few attempts of the same action, the problem resolved itself.