iOS app and g drive

If I created a cryptomator drive on my Google drive (mapped/synced to Google drive folder on hard disk) can the iOS version open this vault so the files can be worked on in their unencrypted form on the iPhone? And then re encrypted to sync back to Google drive?

Yes, you can access vaults on your Google Drive via the iPhone app.

However, “working on the vaults” is of course a bit limited compared to the desktop version. From the iPhone app you can browse files, open files with 3rd party apps and add files to your vault one by one.

That said, there is no document provider extension, yet. I.e. at the moment you cannot see vault contents in iOS’s “Files” app.

So could I use the iOS app to open a vault then use iOS Excel to open anxlsx file add or change data save file and then relock vault?

Yes, basically the workflow is:

  • Cryptomator -(copies into)-> Excel, for editing
  • Excel -(copies into)-> Cryptomator, for encrypted storage in Google Drive

At the end, you can keep or delete the local copy in Excel.