Interface doesn't show up if computer is disconnected from external monitor

Windows 10 Enterprise 21H2
Cryptommator 1.6.10 (msi-3659)

Notebook connected to an external monitor, when launched Cryptomator window/interface (for entering password, etc.), it opens on the external monitor.

If the notebook is disconnected from the external monitor, the interface does not appear on the notebook screen when clicking the icon. It doesn’t even quit if you right click → quit.

Only by reconnecting the notebook to the external monitor the interface reappears.

Seems like for some reason your system does not notice when the external monitor is not connected.
At least this time s the case in one of my setups when suddenly the explorer window does not „show up“. I’m fact it’s does, but the system shows this on a monitor that is in fact not active. This is in my case not related to Cryptomator app.

I have not found the reason for that behaviour, but for me it helps to click in the taskbar the app (as I would do to switch app windows), and then use windows+arrow (left or right) multiple times to move the app window to the in fact active screen.

Maybe it’s the same in your case?

More or less, as other windows that were open on the external monitor “migrated” to the notebook screen as soon as I unplugged the HDMI cable.

It’s not actually a monitor, but a TV in a meeting room. When I returned to my desk, the only application I couldn’t open was Cryptomator, the others opened normally on the notebook screen. I had to return to the meeting room, connect to the TV and click on the Cryptomator icon for the interface to appear, and it appeared on the TV. I had to do this on two occasions.

I agree it seems to be something about Windows not recognizing the external TV disconnect, but I don’t understand why it only affects Cryptomator.

I didn’t find the reason either, I think it’s one of those problems with several “variables” (Windows, TV, connection, open applications, etc) and whose root cause can be difficult to identify.