Installing the app on a new system: is it safe to copy-paste settings.json?

Hi there,

I’ve just installed Cryptomator in my new pc (under Ubuntu 22.04). I have backuped the .config/Cryptomator/settings.json on my previous computer, where there is my configuration (vaults names and paths, etc.).
Comparing the two files, I see these fields have a different value:

  • writtenByVersion
  • debugMode
  • licenseKey (only appears in the old file)
  • mountService (same)
  • windowXXX (positions I guess, so maybe useless to copy)
    And obviously the “directories” array is empty in the new file, with all my vaults on the old one.

I wonder if I can just copy the “old” settings file (and update these fields values), or if it could make the application unstable (or have a bad behaviour with some corrupted data), so I should make my new configuration manually (= reopen my multiple vaults one by one).

Thank you for your advice.

You can copy the file. If the file is corrupt (e.g. not a proper JSON file), it will be replaced with the default configuration file. If the vault are at the exact same locations, it should work afterwards out of the box. if not, you do no harm and can easily reset it.

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