Install 1.4 in Linux

I tried to upgrade from 1.3.2 to 1.4.0. First I tried the PPA instructions. All that did is reinstall 1.3.2. So then I downloaded the AppImage, set it to executable and tried to run it. It had to be run from sudo. This appears to be a portable application which is nice but I would prefer a fill Linux install. So will a DEB package be available for 1.4? I am running Linux Mint 18.3 Cinnamon.

  1. The PPA contains 1.4.0 for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and derived distributions, i.e. you‘d need to upgrade to Mint 19.x or at least upgrade the package sources.
  2. AppImages should not require sudo. But please ask in the AppImage forums about technical details.
  3. we will no longer provide offiial deb and rpm packages in the future. However third parties may publish them, if they wish.

You’re totally right that AppImage should not require sudo, but in this case it’s not true. If you use the AppImage with WebDav you have to start the AppImage with sudo, to use webdav. By the way there is also the hint in the log that java is not apple to start the WebDavServer.

That is not true. A process (no matter if appimage or other) does not need to be privileged to start a WebDAV server. After all the system doesn‘t know what protocol the server serves.

That being said, you can not use low ports such as 80 with unprivileges processes. If you use Cryptomator with its default high port, no root privileges are required and I strongly advice not to run it as root.

In the meantime I made some checks and you are fully right. The java logs and error messages where misleading, not the AppImage was the problem, the repository location was the root cause. With my Ubuntu64 18.10 I have a very very bad performance with stores located on a gvfs mounts. So I have to go with davfs2 and if you use davfs2 filessystem-mounts you have to set mount -t davfs -o uid=<user>,gid=<user> https://<cloud-drive> <localmount> Without uid= and gid= you will have the sudo-problem above.
Now everything works fine with the Cryptomator AppImage. :+1: