Incremental backups of locked cryptomator vault - do changes to the contents of the vault get synced when the vault is locked during backups?

I use a backup software that creates incremental backups for me. I point the software to the files I want backed up, and then copies are incrementally backed up to my backup location of choice (in this case my cloud provider).

I have a cryptomator vault included in my backup job. The backup tool isn’t pointed to the contents of the vault (which would require the vault to constantly be unlocked). It’s pointed to the vault itself. To the backup software, all it sees is the cryptomator vault when it’s locked.

Does this mean changes to the contents of the vault aren’t getting synced during backups? Or are they getting synced?

Every change of files in your vault leads to changes of your vault files. So yes, if you backup the changes of the encrypted vault files, you also backup the changes of your files in the vault accordingly.

Great - I figured this was the case, but wanted to double check to be safe. Thanks!

Nevertheless I recommend to do backups of the unencrypted files somewhere at a safe location (e.g. external drive)
But that is just a personal recommendation. (I’m really „nervous“ when it comes to backups :smile:).

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