Incremental backups now possible?

Does the “Locate Encrypted File” feature (added back at version 1.7.0) make it possible to backup vaults incrementally (instead of whole-vault snapshots)?

When I first switched to Cryptomator, I began making whole-vault snapshots at regular intervals. This was necessary because if you backed up using versioning, you could not identify which unencrypted files corresponded to which encrypted files. The snapshot method works, but it also takes up a lot of space to back up the entire vault each time I want a backup.

New Feature:
Since then, the team did a great thing and added the “Locate Encrypted File” feature.
So, now, when a vault is unlocked, you have the ability to select a file in your vault, and lead which encrypted file it corresponds to. Great.

I have backup software (ChronoSync) that moves modified or deleted files to an archive folder, nested according to the original vault file-structure, and adding v0001, v0002, etc for each version. I made a backup, edited a file, backed up again, edited the file again, etc., a few times to get some versions. I can restore a given file from the archive and then view it like normal. So it seems to work. But before foregoing the whole-vault snapshot backup method and switching to this “incremental”/“versioning” method, I wanted to sound this off and see if anyone has some thoughts. Maybe I am missing something. Thank you kindly.

(Originally posted on Reddit but wanted to see if there’d be more chatter here in the community forum)

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