Increase width in scrollbar

Can the scrollbar be displayed wider? It is complicated to scroll. My fingers are too clumsy.
Is it possible to scroll with the volume buttons?

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What exactly do you mean with if the scrollbar can be displayed wider?
For example in the vault content list where you see all files and folders you should be able to scroll through the list by simply moving a finger at nearly any area of the screen from the bottom to the top or in the other direction.

This is not yet possible but maybe sometimes in the future.

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I want to scroll from letter C to letter F and there are 750 files in between. With the finger it takes too long, and the area that the scrollbar on the right is activated is too thin.

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Ah now I see, very good point, thanks for that. We’ll have a look at what Android brings to this direction or what it takes to implement it but it sounds very useful and we should support it.

I will create a feature request for it at github…

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Okay, great, thanks. The sorting algorithm sorts the files with numbers according to the following pattern: file (01), file (146)…, file (1725)…, file (02)…, file (26. …, file (0263)…, file (2685)…, file…it sort from left to right and not incremental. Thx

Thanks also for this feedback.
We’ll look into it!

It’s done :tada:, see

Version 1.5.8 will be published as beta soon.

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