Incompatability with syncthing

Files within sub folders are not synced by Syncthing when using Cryptomator. The sub folders themselves and the files in the root folder are synced fine.

The Syncthing people say that the problem is on the Cryptomator side:

“it lists sub-folder as one of the available folders, but says it does not exist when we try to access it”
“It’s possibly caused by us using UNC paths, but that’s just what we do, and that won’t change”

Can anyone tell me if this is a bug in Cryptomator or if there is anything I can do to work around the problem?

I’m using Cryptomator 1.4.0 (I believe my settings are the defaults including the Dokany volume type) and Syncthing v0.14.52, Windows (64 bit).

Steps to reproduce the problem are:

  1. Create a vault using Cryptomator
  2. Create a shared folder in Syncthing with the Cryptomator vault as the Folder Path
  3. Add the shared folder to a second machine
  4. Create a file in the root of the Cryptomator vault
  5. Create a sub-folder in the Cryptomator vault
  6. Create a file within the sub-folder
  7. Observe how the file in the root and the sub-folder are synced to the second machine but the file within the sub-folder is not

Switched to Boxcryptor and it works fine with Syncthing. Still happy to help debug this issue if anyone is interested…