Impossible to copy/paste file from a vault [Windows 10, filename is too long error]

Hi everyone,
I have a problem that prevents me from copying files from a vault. Few weeks ago I’ve created a vault on a usb drive on a macOS operated computer. This drive contain sensitive informations (such as a crypto wallet). I’m now trying to access this file from a laptop running on Windows 10. I’ve no issue to unlock the vault but when I try to copy/paste the file I get the following message: “The filename you’ve specified is either invalid or too long” (see attached screenshot). The path of the file is indeed quite long (about 97 characters), due to the fact that the file is nested into several folders. If I try to copy/paste files that are located at the root of the usb drive then I’ve no issue.

I read several of the articles about the filenameLengthLimit but couldn’t find a way to resolve my issue. That’s why I turn to the community to try to get help.

Some details about my setup if this can help:

  • Cryptomator version on the Windows machine: Cryptomator 1.6.8 (msi-3553)
  • Windows version: Windows 10 Home (21H2)
  • Volume type: WebDAV
  • path length: 97 characters
  • vault created on macOS (most likely Mojave)
  • version of cryptomator used to create the vault: 1.6.X

Screenshot (5)

I recommend using FUSE (WinSFP) or Dokany 1.5.x instead of WebDAV.


It works (using FUSE)! Your help is greatly appreciated as I have spent several hours trying to make it work without succes. Thank you!

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