Implement unlocking via Windows Hello

Maybe there is the possibility to add the possibility to open vaults via Windows Hello, so it is possible to use Fingerprintsensors and co also at desktops. (Or maybe it is possible to integrate it directly via the FIDO-Standards??)

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Thanks for your suggestion. This is definitely a good idea and worth thinking about.

But system-specific APIs are always harder to implement, as we want the same feature set on all operating systems. Currently we’re still lacking the “save password” feature on Linux. So this will not be our highest priority at the moment.

Yeah, I can understand. Just an idea für some (much) later versions

Hi I have nothing to contribute right now and I need help. When I click on the create vault I get nothing like what the demo video shows. Is there a way to attach a screenshot to show what I am getting.
Many thanks for your help.

Hello. It is any progress with implementing Windows Hello (fingerprint for example) in Windows app?
I found only old issue

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There is some progress on two fronts:

  1. We created an API for certain system-specific tasks, including the secure storage and retrieval of passwords. This allows any third party implementation to be loaded as a plugin into Cryptomator. As a user you can then choose from the settings menu, where you want to store your passwords if you check the “remember password” checkbox. Such a plugin could be protected by Windows Hello.
  2. Furthermore, we’re working on vault format 8 in version 1.6.0, which allows using entirely other key sources, including sources that don’t facilitate a password at all (such as hardware tokens).
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Hi and thank you for feedback. Regards