I'm using Cryptomator and G Suite (Google Workspace). I want to create a vault that will always sync without taking up local storage. Can I put my vault in my Google File Stream network drive?

I feel like I haven’t seen this mentioned anywhere. Basically I want to be able to open the Cryptomator program on my PC, access the file through the File Stream network drive, open it, add/change files, then lock it and have it upload into my drive.

Even Cryptomator only suggestions the regular Google Drive folder as opposed to the File Stream network drive. Will there be issues saving to File Stream instead of regular Backup and Sync?

Edit: I tested it a few minutes ago and it seems that it won’t work. For whatever reason, File Stream doesn’t seem to be able to handle the uploading/downloading quickly enough. My guess is that in the duration between changing the vault’s contents, locking it, then immediately having the virtual drive disappear, File Stream isn’t able to reconcile all of the files correctly. What ended up happening is my “d” folder had a few folders that flat out would never sync and the overall folder size was off.

This is not necessarily an indication that something went wrong. Due to encryption overhead and our encryption scheme the file size, the name of an element and the folder count differ between cleartext (stuff inside your vault) and cipher text (the vault storage location).

Additionally, Cryptomator does not delete all empty/unused folder, see Autoremove empty folders.