Im confused how to populate a GDrive vault so android app sees the files

I created a vault on my GDrive using the android app. I dropped a file into that vault using GDrive. The android app cannot see that file in the vault. I’m obviously doing something wrong, just not sure what?



Step one is to upload local files on the phone to the vault on Gdrive using the Cryptomator app. The Cryptomator software on your phone has to encrypt and decrypt the files as they go back and forth to your Google Drive so it is not possible to upload files to your vault using anything other than the cryptomator software.

If there is another app available on Android that supports the cryptomator api I don’t know what it is.

If you navigate to your Google Drive and look inside the folder with the vault using any other software other than cryptomator the files will be encrypted and not usable by that file explorer or app.

I would love to know myself if there is a way to grant access to files in an unlocked vault to other applications on my Android phone.

I did figure out I had to upload to the GDrive vault from my app on the phone, but what is still happening is the cryptomator app on my desktop accessing the same vault does not see the file I uploaded, so I’d say the android app is not talking to the desktop app properly.

At least that’s my take right now.



There is something wrong in your specific configuration environment because I have cryptomator installed on my cell phone and have it configured to access a vault located on my Google Drive just like you’re trying to do.

If I add files to the vault in the Android app it uploads them to the vault on my Google Drive. I can then pretty much immediately turn to my laptop and look at file explorer where I have it opened to the vault stored on my Google Drive. Any files that I uploaded on my cell phone appear there immediately.

I am accessing my Google Drive on Windows 11 using the Google Drive desktop software for windows.

If you don’t like or don’t want to use Google drive desktop for windows there is another app that you can use that is open source and can mount Google Drive in windows Linux and Mac. It’s called Rclone. It supports more than 40 cloud providers.

What software or method are you using in windows to mount your Google drive so that the cryptomator software can access the vault?

I think I see the issue. I’m using an NAS sync program, so GDrive is not actually mounted, it’s synced to an explorer type file structure, so it’s losing the vault structure. I wil have to get Gdrive mounted and then point Cryptomator to that. I only need the vault, I don’t need other parts of GDrive mounted, so I’ll go see if I can’t do that. I think the Gdrive app is called filestream now?


I just used Google Drive Desktop and that fixed it. Thanks!

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You beat me to the software. Glad it’s working for you.

Here is the location at Google for downloading Google Drive For Desktop for Windows.

You can set up your Google Drive to either mount as a folder, or a drive letter as you prefer.

I have a vault in G:\CryptomatorVault for example.

There is another app you can use on Windows, Mac, and Linux to mount your vault directory so Cryptomator can use it.

It’s called Rclone. It can mount over 40 types of cloud providers that you can use with Cryptomator. Their website has a complete list of storage providers they support including NAS.

Does your NAS support SFTP?

You can probably use Rclone to mount your NAS as a drive letter with SFTP. Cryptomator will have no trouble accessing the vault that way.

Rclone can also be used to sync your Google drive files to your NAS storage. Most NAS are some form of Linux that can run Rclone.

If you’ve ever used or heard of a program on Linux called rsync, Rclone is a cloud enabled version of that.

If you can just use the Google drive Windows desktop software you should be all set.

Yes, the Google Drive mount is working well right now. I’m only encrypting a few key files right now, so I’m good on that. Thanks!

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