If I purchase from Google Play Store, then can I use it on F-droid version?

I tried purchasing using cards but my none of my cards support international payments and I don’t have paypal.

Hey and welcome to the Cryptomator Community :slightly_smiling_face:,

As our license store is not connected to the Google play store, we are unable to move licenses automatically back and forth.

ProxyStore, a partner of us, is selling coupons for Cryptomator license keys with the following payment options:

  • cash payment
  • directly and personally in our store
  • anonymously by throwing an envelope in one of the designated mailboxes in our store
  • by mail or parcel, e.g., as a Deutsche Post Einschreiben Wert (up to 100 €), as a DHL-Paket (up to 500 € per day) or by a contracted cash and valuable transport. Please note the respective terms and conditions, especially the maximum limits, in order not to lose the insurance coverage of the shipping service provider. You can place banknotes in a neutrally packed book, for example, which we will return to you together with the ordered goods.
  • Cash deposit at a bank to our bank account. The availability of this option and the amount of the fees differ from bank to bank and sometimes even between bank employees.
  • Bank transfer to our bank account. Again, note the metadata involved in this process.
  • the cryptocurrencies Monero (XMR) and Bitcoin (BTC)

(from https://proxysto.re/en/bestellservice.html)

Oh, okay. Will try using one of the methods then.

Thanks :+1:

If you have already bought the app from the Google Playstore by mistake, we can of course refund the order.

No, I haven’t bought yet.