Icloud vault and windows laptop


I have an iphone and using icloud. I have files on my windows 10 laptop that I want to encrypt and add to the vault.
How do I do this?
The windows app doesn’t let me create or add a vault with icloud.

Thanks for any help

The desktop app does not connect to a cloud or sync anything. It creates the vault and does the encryption local. The sync is done by the cloud provider app.
Create your vault in a local folder that is included into the sync of the iCloud app for windows. Or sync your existing vault files from iCloud to your local drive via iCloud app and then add it to Cryptomator for decryption.

Thanks for the response, but I think I could use some more info.

If I create a vault on my windows pc, called vault_pc. I open the vault and put a file, win.txt into it. Then close the vault.

I also created a vault on my iphone, called vault_iphone.

Is the cloud provider app you reference is the ios plug in for my windows File Explorer? With this, I can see my ICloudDrive.

How do I get the windows local file, win.txt to my iphone vault and open it on my iphone?

Vault files are just synced like other file. With the iCloud sync app.
(When you see your iCloud files in your explorer, you have this installed.)
You should see the vault files of the vault that you have created with your iPhone in this explorer folder. Search for a folder that is named like this vault.
Add this existing vault to Cryptomator to open it.

Please have a look into the settings of the iCloud app on your windows system if you want to know how the sync is configured.