Icloud option missing when creating a new vault

New to Cryptomator.

When creating a new vault, the iCloud option is missing. I know it used to be there. Currently, the only options are Dropbox and Custom Location. Screenshot attached.

Is there a difference between using Custom Location to select iCloud Drive as the vault location or actually selecting iCloud during the vault creation wizard?

No there is no difference.

Cryptomator just looks if some default locations of known cloud providers is available on your file system: LocationPresets.java#L15-L18

If you did not install the sync client or did not install it with standard values, or for any other reason that a provider is not listed, just use „custom location“ and select a folder that is synced with your online storage.

Thanks. Makes sense now. I only saw the iCloud option in Cryptomator on my older Macbook.

My iCloud Drive folder seems to use this path on Monterrey v12.0.

/Users//Library/Mobile Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/

On another Macbook running Big Sur v11.6.1, Cryptomator does indeed show the iCloud Drive option since the path matches the defined LocationPreset.