iCloud Drive Authentication fails

Hi there,

since software update iOS 11 I neither have access to my tresor in the Cryptomator folder on the iCloud drive nor can I create a new one. The error message is: “iCloud Drive-Authentication fehlgeschlagen.” But working with iCloud via the new Dateien app works well. When I delete the Cryptomator folder, a new one is created by the Cryptomator app. But still no access to it. I’m running Cryptomator V1.2.6 (488) , iOS 11.0.2 on an iPad Air 2. Any suggestions?

I just tried Cryptomator and iCloud Drive on my iPhone and iPad (both with iOS 11.0.2) and didn’t run into any issues. I’ve looked up in the code when the error you’ve mentioned: It happens “if the iCloud container could not be located or if iCloud storage is unavailable for the current user or device.”

Could you please go into the iOS settings -> tap your name at the top -> iCloud.

  1. Check if “iCloud Drive” is enabled (probably yes, since you’re using it from the Files app but just to be sure)
  2. Check if “Cryptomator” is enabled (you probably have to scroll down a bit)
  3. If both settings are enabled, turn off/on both settings.

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