I updated to version 1.6.14 and vault is gone

I updated to version 1.6.14 on MacOS. When prompted I replaced the current application (it asked do you want to replace the file, keep both or cancel). I then opened up the app and my vault is gone along with all my files.


Volume Type: WebDAV

Please more details. What do you mean with „gone“? Just not listed in the app anymore? If yes, did you try to re add it? If yes, please describe what you do, what the system does and what you expect shoul happen instead?
Maybe something suspicious in the log files?

The entire vault is gone, not listed in the app anymore. I’m not clear how to re-add it? It just says +Add Vault and when I choose Open Existing Vault, I can’t find it anywhere.

Where was your vault originally located? Try searching your system for a file „masterkey.cryptomator“ or „vault.cryptomator“

Seems like the configuration file was overwritten during the update process. So Cryptomator has forgotten your vault path. Nevertheless it should be still on your system. Vault files are not changed/deleted during an app update.

Yes I see masterkey.cryptomator and vault.cryptomator on my system. What is the next step to restore my vault?

There is nothing to restore. Just add your existing vault again to the app. Click on „add vault“ then „existing vault“ and then select your masterkey file.
See also the documentation how to add the vault.

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Thank you for the help Michael, that was exactly the thing I needed to do, everything is back on and working normal.

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