I Lost the Password

Ok yes I did it, I lost my password or there’s a bug.
I use the latest version.

I can do something?

Thank you.

Without your password there’s no way to decrypt your files.
If you assume a bug, please describe your problem with more detailes.

Is there any chance your password contained nonprintable characters? I.e. not characters that you can type using your keyboard, but bytes that you copied from some binary file?

If yes, there is a chance you’re affected by a bug with a known workaround: Downgrade to the previous Cryptomator version, change your password to something only consisting of printable unicode characters, upgrade to latest version.

Otherwise - if you really lost your password, there is no way to restore it. You can only bruteforce it by trying all possible combinations you can think of. Cryptomator will not limit your attempts.