I just saved a heap of photos to iCloud… what happens next?


I am trying to confirm that all is ok with the photos I just saved across to iCloud.

I am using the iOS 2.x app (amazing by the way).
With the Vault unlocked I can save to files from my photo app. It’s fast and so easy.
But what happens next, before I can access my iCloud stored files from other devices?
Do I need to lock the vault on my iOS device that I originally copied the file on before they start uploading to iCloud?


Confirmation on this would be good but it seems that after I plugged my iPhone into power it started uploading the iCloud content when then started appearing on other devices. Maybe iCloud sync on iOS is reliant on being connected to power for initial data upload/sync?

The upload/sync of the vault files is just like any other file you put in an online storage in your ios files app. The upload starts as soon as the file is written. No need to lock the vault or connect the phone to a power source.
Please keep in mind that Cryptomator does not do the upload/sync. This is done by iOS files app.

Ok. I suspect it’s iCloud a pain then. Thank you. That makes sense.