I forgot my password and lost my recovery codes

I have been trying to access my files and cannot because I forgot my password. When asked for the recovery code I can’t access it because I was an idiot and put the recovery code INSIDE the vault. What do I do? Is there no way to recover my files now?

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Oh, I’m very sorry to read that. I assume you have no backup of the decrypted data?

If you lost your password and recovery key, there is not much you can do. If you know parts of the password, we implemented recently a brute force tool but if you have no idea, depending on how good your password is, this would take at least decades up to “forever”.

Thank you for the fast reply. I had a bit of anxiety but managed to find a backup of the recovery key somewhere I didn’t expect! Thankfully I have access now and have backed up everything properly so this doesn’t happen again. I was scared out of my mind.

And the brute force tool might have taken forever since I randomly generated my password x.x

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