I don't know where to get ONEDRIVE_API_REDIRCT_URI and what it ios

I bought the android license, and I want to use my own onedrive api. I get my onedrive api but I don’t know where to get ONEDRIVE_API_REDIRCT_URI and what it is.

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While creating the OneDrive app, you can also specify a redirect URI which you then need to set as ONEDRIVE_API_REDIRCT_URI, see Create an app with Microsoft Graph - OneDrive API - OneDrive dev center | Microsoft Docs

The redirect URI is used for the redirection to our app after the authentication (OAuth) with OneDrive.

I edit the envrionment variables. But I got this buildconfig file. Although I generated the apk successfully but when I install and open add the onedrive, it can’t work and get back to the home page. I think it is because this ONEDRIVE_API_REDIRCT_URI and ONEDRIVE_API_KEY was not read. I want to edit chis build config file but it is generated and should not be edited. How can I do.

You need to specify those variables as e.g. system environment variables. Using unix you can check if it is correctly set using a terminal and the following command:


If this returns your redirect URI, the Android studio project will recognize it too.