I can't running some program in Vault. Error

Dear all
My system Win 10 LTSC 2019.
I can’t Extraction Winrar and running some program in Vault
You can see picture

Executables: Read/Try this please: Why WebDAV and Dokan have issues running many executables?

Winrar: any error messages? Log file warnings?

Dear sr.
I can run Winrar. But i can’t run some portable.
Can’t run portable software in a vault

If you are using Dokany and the application requires an elevated privilege, this is a known issue, see

But there is a workaround, see:

I have user: Admin and user The. You can see picture

when I use user Admin, I can run portable program.
But when I use user The. And I run as Administrator. But I still get the error as picture

When i change from WebDAV to Dokany. I can run portable program in the Vault
Thank you.