I can't move my files out (I can't copy my files)

When I move it to another folder,it shows ‘Access denied’ or ‘ Requires Admin Rights Needed’ so I can’t move it.However,I can open the files in application.I would appreciate it if you help me.
The following is my logThis topic is useless


Link deleted by Michael because logfile contained very private information (file names). Please see my second post.

Which dockany version? (latest =
I have had a look in the logfile.
At first, I recommend you to also have a look in it.
There is information there that you most likely don’t want to share publicly. For example, the name of some files. You should make these unrecognizable or anonymous before you make this information available to everyone.
For this reason I edited your post and deleted the link to the logfile.

The warning
WARN o.c.frontend.dokany.ReadWriteAdapter - (167) readFile(): IO error while reading file
and the error
java.io.IOException: org.cryptomator.cryptolib.api.AuthenticationFailedException: Authentication of chunk 13594 failed.
are indicating, that the encrypted file might be corrupt.
Cryptomator divides each files in smaller chunks and adds to each chunk a verification code (see docs for more infos). And specific chunk of this file could not be verified.

There are various reasons that can cause this.
A Problem with Google Drive File Stream cache for example:

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Thank you for reminding me.After reading your solution,I update my dockany at once and now it is the latest version,but I still can’t move my files out.But I can open it,so that means the encrypted files aren’t corrupt.By the way,I changed the files’ name,so there is no need to worry about my privacy.And I would say thank you again for you caution.

Sometimes these IO exception errors are reported as solved when users downloaded the entire vault manually, because the sync client might have messed up something with the files.
Actually I have no idea why you would be able to decrypt a file when the chunk authentication is failing.

My guess is, that when the file is regularly opened, only the necessary part is read. In contrast, copying a file requires to read it in a whole.