I cannot open audio files

Greetings, Please help.

I just changed my mobile device, on the old device if I could open audio files inside cryptomator, it opened a small window above the cryptomator interface. On the new device I can’t open any audio files I install some players, but none of them let me play the audio.

Should I install a player that opens on top of the cryptomator window with a small window like my old device, is there a player you recommend or what can I do, I am an Android 12 user, the device is a Moto G Play 2023. I have been using Cryptomator for several years and have never had a single problem, this is the first one.

I thank you in advance for any help you can give me. Thank you very much.

I just tested this out on my Samsung Galaxy S21.
When I click on an audio file it downloads it from the cloud where it is stored and then I get a pop-up window asking me which app I would like to open the file with and I selected Samsung music player and it played the music.

You might need to look at settings for your phone and see if there is a way to define what program will run audio files or if you can possibly be prompted when you click on a file what app you would like to use.

I can’t see any settings in the app that would affect your ability to play music.

I’ve never used a non-samsung Android phone.

Yes, on my old device, it played with a popup window the audio files from Cryptomator, but on this Motorola I don’t have that option and I have to look for a player hopefully FOSS, that can open files from cryptomator.

Is this problem happening only with audio files? Or does it happen with any type of file?

What happens if you click on other file types that need to be open with a text editor for example? Or a video file?

All the files opened without problems, only the audio files did not want to open. I did not find in F-Droid any player that opened a popup window when opening an audio file. However in the PlayStore I found, Oto Music, I installed like 12 players and they were not useful, they had full advertising and many permissions, but this Oto Music App, opens a popup window and plays the audio without problem, and also updates automatically if I delete a file from the gallery or any App that has audio as a recorder. The other deleted the audio file and was not removed from the player was updated every 5 min I think, well with this App works well, and it seems that it is not very inbasiva. also has no advertising. I hope I’m not wrong, so far Cryptomator works 100% as usual. Thank you.

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Being an Android user, I’ve gone through the pain of loading a dozen different kinds of similar programs to find the right one that I want to use.

Glad you found one that works, I will make a note of it, so I can remember for a future reference in case this question comes up again.