How to use Cryptomator with SpiderOakONE Backup

I could use some help getting Cryptomator (Windows 10) to work with SpiderOakONE Backup. Any help and insights would be appreciated.


Please explain your problem in detail
Please read this if you need general help with setting up a local vault (which you can then include in the backup): Cryptomator - Put a Lock on Your Cloud — Cryptomator 1.6.0 documentation

When you say “setting up a local value”; do you mean create a Crytomator vault on C:?

I thought, from an earlier question I asked and the reply I received, it was not a good idea to set up Crytomator vault on a local drive. The answer included the following: “Cryptomator is designed and optimized for online storage. There are reasons why you should consider a tool that’s designed for local encryption.”

I don’t know how to set-up a vault directly in SpiderOak. I do know how to set-up a local (C:) vault then have it and its contents copied to SppiderOak. But, that requires a local vault which I thought was not recommended for a number of reasons. Problems…"such as leading the last modification date of the files (otherwise your sync client would have a hard time.).

Your thought would be helpful and appreciated.

Cryptomator desktop needs to have a local vault because it does not connect to any cloud storage and relies on the sync software of the used storage. Never the less Cryptomator purpose is not the local encryption of a whole system. If you want to encrypt files you are usually syncing with an online storage, then Cryptomator is my recommended solution. If you want to encrypt your local system, then I recommend solutions like veracrypt or bitlocker.

To make it clear, you cannot access a Cryptomator vault on SpiderOak (or on any other storage provider) directly with the Cryptomator desktop app.

You might want to view this quick video tutorial how Cryptomator desktop works

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Thanks for your thoughts and insights. Very helpful.